Never miss a movement. Customise and track your supply chain needs to-the-minute. Contact Us Dashboard: Respond in real-time Manage your operations with customised KPIs and drill-down functionality in one easy place. Dashboard allows users to track specifics such as engine hours, utilisation, loading time to the minute to easily identify bottlenecks in your supply chain. […]


Stay alert to the live safety and performance of your fleet on the go with VisOps. Contact Us VisOps: A real-time fleet annunciator Visualise your harvest and transport operations in real-time with customised vehicle tracking.  Specific to each fleet, VisOps can track and alert operators to stoppage time to manage efficiency and remote operator safety. Users […]

Freight Hub

Visualise your freight and rail stock in real-time.  Contact Us Freight Hub: Manage supply chain capacity Track the status of full and empty bins at rail stock transfer hubs with Freight Hub.  Using a single and simple GPS platform, operators can select the correct lines or vehicles to pull into the processor to ensure continuous […]

Vehicle Tracking

Track vehicle movements and harvest performance in real-time.  Contact Us Vehicle Tracking: Fleet management made simple Live vehicle tracking visualised on your property using GIS technology. Track incoming and exiting vehicles and real-time harvester performance.  Vehicle Tracking can also record harvester fan speed, machinery inputs, operating states and performance to ensure Harvest Best Practice by […]


An all-in-one automated freight scheduling and dispatch solution for just-in-time supply chains.¬† Contact Us FREDD can help processors track:¬† Vehicle schedules¬† Operation parameters vehicle weights Crush rate/ Hours Trip times Trip selection FBI breakdown Rollover details Trip distribution strategy Harvest planning Consignment details Visibility options Alert buffers Trip dockets FREDD: Never stop moving Freight. Real-time […]