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The problem: 

Sunrice farmers were seeking a single platform to track crop trends, store key information and prepare for harvest, while using updated industry data and yield benchmarks.


Working in conjunction with Sunrice, AGTRIX tailored a customised platform to give  Sunrice producers greater visibility of their on-farm operations and future harvest. 

Objectives included: 

  • product quality and traceability
  • yield benchmarks
  • crop forecasting 


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Sunrice farmers on the MapRice platform

The MapRice GIS platform has been adopted by all Sunrice producers allowing deeper insights into crop performance, quality and the purity of Australian-grown rice. 

Using the data collected Sunrice has been able to plan product distribution and sale ahead of harvest. 


Sunrice needed a single platform to visualise upcoming yield across its supplier network. 

Working in conjunction with producers and processors Agtrix developed a platform model to capture all on-farm operations, and streamline existing reporting and accountability processes within the Sunrice network. 

The system developed, MapRice allows growers to record their on-farm operations instrumental for analysis, planning and accountability of rice production. 

Using the data SunRice Grower Services have been able to forecast crop sizes earlier than ever before and prepare for crop intake logistics. 

Producers can also track their progress and compare with industry input and yield benchmarks, and use the year on year analysis to inform future growing practices. 

Ongoing report capabilities have also provided SunRice with greater traceability, accountability and quality assurance. 


Weather recording


Weather recording capability are a key feature of the MapRice platform. 

MapRice detects the closest BoM weather station and record the relevant weather data at the time of the activity to reduce the need to producers to look up weather data and enter the details manually. 


"I've done away with notebooks, now all the crop information I need is in one place."

John Smith

Sunrice Farmer

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