Stay alert to the live safety and performance of your fleet on the go with VisOps.

VisOps: A real-time fleet annunciator

Visualise your harvest and transport operations in real-time with customised vehicle tracking. 

Specific to each fleet, VisOps can track and alert operators to stoppage time to manage efficiency and remote operator safety.

Users can select a chosen amount of time following a stoppage to trigger an alert to all users, to ensure safety and ongoing efficiency within your fleet. 

VisOps produces standard reports automatically, as well as customised reports across all sectors of the supply chain. Key data collected by the platform can be configured with the desired KPIs to ensure the best outcome for your team and the environment. 

Visualise your business

VISOPS also offers dashboard visualisation of your own KPIs with drill down functionality to allow you to record to the exact minute the issue occurred. 

Customisation of own KPIs against specific targets engine hours, loading times etc. 

Drill down functionality and history allows you to find and visualise the cause of issues with GIS mapping and GPS data. 

VISOPS can work seamlessly with additional AGTRIX products. 


Issue identification 

The easy-to-use interface keeps operators alert of ongoing operations in real-time.

Detailed data 

Collected data can be broken down and reported on to-the-minute. 

Safety benefits 

Operators working remotely can ensure their team is notified of sudden vehicle stoppages.

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Environmental care with Mackay Area Productivity Services

Productivity maximisation with NSW Sugar Milling

Mass harvest management with Sunrice

VisOps works with these products

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