Vehicle Tracking

Track vehicle movements and harvest performance in real-time. 

Vehicle Tracking: Fleet management made simple

Live vehicle tracking visualised on your property using GIS technology. Track incoming and exiting vehicles and real-time harvester performance. 

Vehicle Tracking can also record harvester fan speed, machinery inputs, operating states and performance to ensure Harvest Best Practice by operators every time.

Agtrix can track and install GPS units into all farm machinery to manage, track and record operating times. This gives users visualisation and accurate information when the machine has been operating or is just moving, turned on, etc.

Environmental impacts can be tracked through the Vehicle Tracking system to ensure ongoing compliance and accountability. 


Up to-the-minute reporting

Track and refine key vehicle and harvesting data to the minute, for detailed reporting. 

Efficiency first 

Stay across all operations and their efficiency  by tracking fan, machinery inputs, operating states and vehicle speed simultaneously. 

Easy to use 

Visualise the progress of your harvest with a map overlay. 

A multi-tiered tracking system adapted to your needs

Tier 1- Vehicle Tracking to identify location and provide playback functionality and reporting in AgtrixWEB

Tier2- Vehicle Tracking which utilises Veroni layer to provide live updates to traffic scheduling

Tier 3- Vehicle Tracking which records and interprets various operating states. (Harvester or PTO etc.)

Tier 4- High-Level analysis or increased functionality (HBP, Fuel Monitoring etc.)

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