A world class harvest management solution that allows for all stages of the supply-chain cycle, no matter the product. 

Harvesting: Supply chain you can see

A post-event tool used to manage harvest and remaining crop ratios, deliveries (consignment) and yield tonnage. 

The add-on provides a geometrically accurate, real-time visual representation of ongoing harvesting operations and their location to boost efficiency and yield. The program also allows quick analysis of the remaining harvest. 

Crop can be tracked in every stage of the process, from raking, planting, collection, burning, seed and more to provide you with detailed data of your estimated yield.

Use tracked harvester movements to accurately measure, record and visualise what was harvested and what is remaining across your mapped farming area.

*Harvesting can only be used in conjunction with the Farming 3.0 platform and with Consignment to accurately track distribution. 


Allocate paddocks to their tasks, and track as each stage of the process takes place. 

Measure your offtake

Using GPS tracking technology, accurately measure the off-take from each paddock as the product progresses through every stage. 

Track to the processor

Harvesting works seamlessly with Consignment to accurately track deliveries from the field to the processor. 

Sugar supply chain overhaul: South Africa

Environmental care with Mackay Area Productivity Services

Productivity maximisation with NSW Sugar Milling

Mass harvest management with Sunrice

Harvesting works with these products

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