Freight Hub

Visualise your freight and rail stock in real-time. 

Freight Hub: Manage supply chain capacity

Track the status of full and empty bins at rail stock transfer hubs with Freight Hub

Using a single and simple GPS platform, operators can select the correct lines or vehicles to pull into the processor to ensure continuous product supply. 

Easy visualisation 

Get rid of the guesswork by tracking and allocating incoming stock ahead of time.  


Real-time alert 

Freight Hub allows users to customise alerts when set targets are reached.

Easy interface 

Freight Hub works in tandem with other Agtrix products, to ensure cross-platform usability. 

Sugar supply chain overhaul: South Africa

Environmental care with Mackay Area Productivity Services

Productivity maximisation with NSW Sugar Milling

Mass harvest management with Sunrice

Freight Hub works with these products

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