An all-in-one automated freight scheduling and dispatch solution for just-in-time supply chains. 

FREDD can help processors track: 

  • Vehicle schedules 
  • Operation parameters
  • vehicle weights
  • Crush rate/ Hours
  • Trip times
  • Trip selection
  • FBI breakdown
  • Rollover details
  • Trip distribution strategy
  • Harvest planning
  • Consignment details
  • Visibility options
  • Alert buffers
  • Trip dockets

FREDD: Never stop moving

Freight. Real-time tracking. Electronic. Delivery. Dispatch.

Manage product and logistics to ensure a continuous supply to processors. Used predominantly by the sugar cane industry FREDD can assist operators in managing and automating all-in-one and just-in-time supply chains to ensure ongoing product supply within tight harvest windows. Minimise your time off the road and in processing queues with programmed delivery schedules and ongoing tracking.

FREDD works with every type of supply chain, specialising just-in-time industries. Discover instant improvement in supply chains with crop types that have a short cut-to-process time windows.

FREDD can help fleets reduce their carbon footprint and deliver environmental benefits through its ongoing monitoring of fuel use, fuel waste, engine output and more. 

Maximum efficiency 

FREDD can deliver up to 90% fleet utilisation with no processing queues or supply halts. 

Customised settings

No two supply chains are the same. FREDD offers a fully integrated and customisable system.

Real-time visualisation

Oversee the supply chain in its entirety on one simple platform. 

Optional modules

FREDD Lights

Use FREDD scheduling logic to determine which truck to call based on current progress and waiting times to ensure minimal queues and maintain equitable servicing of the days scheduled harvest. 

The system allows you to select from among waiting trucks and call them into the yard for unloading and next trip assignment. You can set this to automatically call the next truck every time a truck leaves. The program can also be integrated with light display boards to call the next vehicle. 

FREDD Lights works in conjunction with Slot Booker which allows individual contractors to schedule their arrivals to the processor to maximise efficiency.


Manage loading infrastructure in the field with real-time visibility of expected and available loading capacity. 

Assign loaders or other infield vehicles to specific locations. 

Track expected waiting times and allocate haulage with up-to-date information. 


FREDD Bailey Interface 

Communicate directly with the factory control room. FREDD FBI allows you to autonomously control the factory system to allow for changes in inbound supply to prevent stoppages and increase efficiency.

FBI calculates the current ETA, tonnage of trips in progress and waiting vehicles to determine a recommended processing rate.  The program identifies supply chain gaps ahead of time and can respond by reducing the processing rate as needed to avoid a total stoppage. 

FBI can also be used in manual mode giving the control room a constant view of FREDD’s recommendations with operator oversight.

ETA Calculator

ETA Calculator continuously calculates the current estimated time of arrival at the processor, for all trucks on the road using live GPS, geographic location data for fields and loading areas. 

ETA Calculator assists in route selection for continuous supply and provides the FREDD user interface with current trips information and alerts for late vehicles. This information is layered over property maps to provide users with a detailed view of the route. 

To comply with international haulage guidelines, ETA Calculator can be customised to be visible to the operator only. 


Yard Manager

Record and manage the movement of vehicles on the road and in the factory yard, using GPS data to record the current location and history of your fleet.  

Yard Manager also gives the user the option of automating their system or utilising manual overrides.

Used in conjunction with FREDD, Yard Manager generates rich data on vehicle movements for driving efficiency.

The unique geofencing technology can be used across both agricultural and resource industries. 

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