Farming 3.0

From soil preparation to distribution Farming 3.0, is a central data management platform for all planting, productivity and harvest reporting needs. 


Farming 3.0: Data for growth

Using advanced mapping technology and GPS systems across the selected property, Farming 3.0 tracks key data points for auditing and reporting across the season.  

Information tracked through Farming 3.0 can be stored and shared on the Agtrix online web platform to track growth, profitability and yield. Information can be exported, reported, and shown spatially on the map.  

The platform also delivers environmental benefits and is compliant with relevant industry legislation, such as the Reef protection regulations and (Qld, Environmental protection Act 1994), by tracking chemical and nutrient usage and other relevant data. Making compliance checks accurate and easy to do, as management can send instructions to farm workers on site and can be recorded and stored as they’re down out in the field.

Used by multinational operations and independent producers alike, Farming 3.0 is an essential tool for growers. 

From seed to plate the Farming 3.0 can spatially document:

  • seed source and traceability
  • chemicals
  • nutrients
  • cultivation events
  • pests
  • disease
  • types of irrigation used
  • crop scorecards
  • soil tests

Report with ease

Use Farming 3.0 to record, display, print and produce reports on one easy to use platform.  

Real-time data collection 

Track while you work. Farming 3.0 allows you to spatially record key updates on your product in real-time. 

Property breakdown 

GIS technology gives you a birds-eye view of your essential crop information.


Record, report, learn and improve, on what was done to each crop throughout the seasons to know what to keep doing and what to adjust for maximum yield and efficiency.

Easy reporting

Track your season, pests and disease, irrigation and more with the customisable Farming 3.0 platform. 

Select key information changes and compare them with other plots to ensure you are getting the best out of each harvest.  Use GIS mapping technology,  to sort your property into separate paddocks, blocks and crop rows for detailed product management. 

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