Track your product in real-time, from production or harvest through to the last mile.

Consignment: Your supply chain solution

Put the supply chain in your hands with the ability to record and track harvested crops from block to mill. Information such as crop type, variety, cut/burn time, time of harvest, weighbridge totals and arrival time can be tracked and presented on the one easy to use platform.

Consignment can help producers: 

  • minimise the time after harvest before collection reduces product deterioration
  • replace manual/paper tickets
  • minimise information loss
  • use GPS location to minimise incorrect consignment
  • improve productivity
  • visualise your harvested product remotely, while out in the field

Stay accountable

All consignment history can be found in one place for future audit and analysis. 

Plan ahead

Routes can be planned ahead of time and sent to your team.

Record anywhere

Track your progress on-site and upload later with Consignment‘s minimal mobile service, and offline capabilities. 

Chart a course and create efficiencies with real-time harvest data

Communicate directly with suppliers. Consignment allows you to calculate a crop’s cut to crush times, out in the field loading times.  Connect with processors in real-time to notify them of product arrivals. 

The simple functionality also allows users to interrogate data in-depth and create immediate efficiencies. 

Use Consignment anywhere.

Use your actual GPS location to verify what farm and field you’re currently harvesting and consigning too. Improving the accuracy and validity of your consignment information. 

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