Who we are

Founded in 1995 Agtrix is an Australian owned and operated company providing solutions for domestic and international enterprises. 

We understand that supply chain management is a holistic process that can involve growers, harvesters, haulers, warehousing, freight forwarding and processing.

Through our software solutions we help businesses track their product from the paddock, through the supply chain to the plate, while using data and analysis to smooth the humps that can occur at each touchpoint.

Our integrated single platform software  has a proven record of improving supply chains to deliver overall quality, productivity, and cost efficiencies. As your business grows and changes, so too will your approach to supply chain management. With our team of experts and developers we work to tailor your systems to adapt and thrive in real time whether loading, planning, harvesting or hauling.

'If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.'

Measurement is key to improvement for any business. We follow the Agtrix matrix to understand, analyse and deliver quantifiable solutions.

What we do

Agtrix and Logitrix provides web-based visualisation and control across all areas of your supply chain.

Using our solutions based approach, we work with your team to replace chaotic, fragmented and inefficient supply chains with a proven, integrated and streamlined system.

In addition to our tailored software and tracking solutions we provide:

  • Vehicle and machine GPS tracking and output monitoring. 
  • Third party system integration
  • On site set up and training
  • 24/7 systems monitoring and support
  • Ongoing customer service

Our Achievements​

  • Agtrix is consistently identified as the superior inbound supply chain management system by both clients and industry leaders.
  • In 2016, Agtrix was featured in a review of Agricultural Supply Chain systems in the 2016 Nuffield Scholarship Report.
  • In 2009 Agtrix secured the Gold Logistic Achiever award for Contribution to efficiencies in the Africa Sugar Milling Supply Chain.
  • In 2010 Agtrix received the Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists – Presidents Medal for best industry paper titled “The implementation of a Mill Mud and Ash delivery strategy.”

Our Team.

Meet our supply chain and analytics experts.

Jose Maria T. Zabaleta


Mr Zabaleta is based in Manila and joined Agtrix as shareholder and Director in 2018. His some 60 years + of industry experience is invaluable and his industry based knowledge has been beneficial to organisations below: • Bronzeoak Philippines • Zabaleta & Company • San Carlos Milling Co. Inc. • GamboaHermanos • Federation of Philippine Industries • San Carlos Development Board • Sugar Regulatory Administration • International Sugar Organization • Philippine Sugar Millers Association

Juan Xavier P. Zabaleta


Xavier, better know as Xabi, joined Agtrix as shareholder and Director in 2018. Based in Manila, Xabi is President and Chairman for the BioPower Group with almost 3 decades of extensive professional experience has brought a wealth of knowledge of the industry to the team. His relevant career positions at AC Energy, SJR Industrial & SJRI Ecozone Development & San Carlos Development Board will help guide Agtrix in its future success.

Paul Coveny

Chairman, Managing Director

Paul Coveny is the Managing Director of Agtrix leading a team of enthusiastic staff to deliver cutting edge solutions to clients. Paul has a 20 year career in supply chain and agricultural logistics with a focus on “Just in Time” delivery and efficiency. Over this time Paul has held a number of executive positions within large organisations. During this time Paul has established Greenfield operations as well as consulted and improved existing supply chains in both the Agriculture and Renewable Energy sectors. Paul currently holds an Executive position within a large multi-national Renewable Energy Company. An executive with experience in Commercial and Operational Management, Paul is able to understand both financial and day to day functioning of large organisations. Starting his career in a processing environment has allowed him to understand the entire supply chain identifying the impacts on all sectors of the supply chain. The establishment of a Greenfield Bio Energy operation in Asia with $35M USD of assets under management has achieved excellent financial and operational outcomes for shareholders. When not delivering for clients, Paul enjoys spending time on his Jet Ski and enjoying life outdoors. After 20 years in the industry Paul understands that introducing change requires understanding from all stakeholders, with a focus on Continuous Improvement and Lean Methodology, whilst still driving efficiency. Paul is focussed on delivering the best results for clients by understanding their needs and desired outcomes. ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’.

Michelle Coveny, JP

Company Secretary

Michelle commenced at Agtrix after purchasing the business as shareholder along with her family in 2018. Michelle holds the position of Finance Manager as well as Company Secretary with Agtrix and Logitrix. Michelle has 30 years Business Administration experience and holds an Advanced Certificate in Administration and a Certificate III in Administration/Information Technology along with 25 years experience in Finance Administration holding a Certificate III in Computer Bookkeeping Systems & Operations as well as a Diploma of Accounting spending most of this time working in the building and education sectors. As Finance Manager, Michelle oversees all areas of finance and administration including payroll, accounts payable and receivables, job costing, cash management, general ledger, inventory, banking and reconciliations, as well as providing strategic analyses for stakeholders to determine project and company profitability, preparing monthly financial statements, developing company policies and procedures and ensuring business compliance & statutory regulations are managed in her role as Company Secretary. Michelle also serves as the focal point for human resources management and is a certified Return to Work Co-ordinator, liaises with stakeholders, accountants, brokers and advisors. Michelle is known for her organisational skills, whether it be prioritising and managing multiple tasks simultaneously or just ensuring that the kitchen towels are colour co-ordinated! Michelle enjoys a number of things in her role at Agtrix, such as problem solving, providing timely and relevant financial analyses, and working as a team to grow the company. Something about Michelle is her love and affinity for animals and you can usually find her walking or enjoying her spare time with her two dogs. ‘Being true to yourself never goes out of style’ – Legally Blonde

Jacob Bale

Director, General Manager

Jacob Bale is General Manager and Director at Agtrix after commencing as Technical Support Analyst when purchasing the business as a share-holder over 4 years ago. Jacob has grown his role within the company that now includes a client and support team as well as visiting clients both domestically and internationally, where he and Agtrix continue to develop and deliver simple solutions to real world problems within the agriculture sectors and supply chains here and abroad. Before starting with Agtrix, Jacob specialised in managing and improving many of Brisbane’s bars and pubs. Identifying problems and creating solutions within the business and mitigating potential external issues. He has now transferred those skills into the Agricultural and Logistical Industries. During this time, Jacob also had the opportunity to live and travel across the world, meeting all types of people from all walks of life. This has led Jacob and his team to be more client focused and driven, leaving the team adaptable for any type of specific issue or problem within your organisation! Jacob was born and raised in Northern NSW, moving to QLD to attend university after completing his HSC locally. When travel and overseas came knocking, it was too hard to turn down. These days, when not at Agtrix, Jacob still enjoys travelling, surfing and playing music. “With great Power, comes great Responsibility” – Uncle Ben

Honor-Lacy Fahy

Client Support Officer

Honor has been a part of the Agtrix Support team since 2020. Honors role within the Agtrix Support Team is client engagement, triage support ticketing systems, maintain and create knowledge base articles and testing fixes and enhancements for release to clients. Prior to commencement with Agtrix, Honor spent over 4 years engaged locally within the Sugar Cane industry working in positions as Laboratory Technician transitioning to Cane Supply Operator. Honor gained a wealth of experience in these roles using the Agtrix platform before joining as a member of the team and has given her a greater understanding of what the client and end users expect and appreciate and the drive to ensure that these needs are met to clients and stakeholders alike. Honors family background of growing up on a broad acre farm, sparked her interest from a young age in Agriculture and all things outdoors. In her spare time you can find Honor in the outdoors with her husband fishing, hiking, motorbike riding and exploring the country side.

Jordan Shipway, BIT

Technical Support Officer

Jordan Shipway is a member of the Agtrix Support Team and provides Client Technical Support and Software QA. Jordan grew up on a fifth-generation family farm which now produces Dragon Fruit and graduated from Southern Cross University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Software Development. Jordan believes there is always opportunity to enhance or refine a process or system. He enjoys identifying areas for improvement and implementing pragmatic solutions to provide positive and measurable outcomes. In his spare time Jordan can be found in the garage modifying his car in the hopes of improving his lap times on each of Queensland’s racetracks. Jordan applies a data driven approach to the development of his car, using data recorded from a multitude of sensors throughout the car to identify areas for improvement and measure the effects of changes to the system.

Patrick Kealy, BSc

Development Manager

Patrick Kealy is the development manager at Agtrix, responsible for managing day to day development and maintenance of our farming and logistics platforms. Patrick’s 11 years with Agtrix, helping building out the platform to the point today where we have millions of lines of code, and a product covering virtually every element of the supply chain from cropping, nutrient, and chemical management, harvesting, and inbound logistics. Enjoying the challenge of a product with a wide scope and many user perspectives that constantly challenge your view of the product as it evolved and grows. Patrick graduated with a BSc in Applied computers back in Ireland and his first developer job was at Guinness in St James Gate Dublin developing a staff beer allowance system (free beer each month), before coming out to Sydney working as a development consultant, then moving into product development management first at Orbis a marketing management company, then CSR Sugar (now Wilmar) working on Sugar related system before joining Agtrix on the very early version of the harvester tracking and data recording products. In his spare time, Pat enjoys soccer and breaking bones (mountain biking), his favourite podcast is “The Blind Boy” by an Irish Journalist who wears a plastic bag on his head for anonymity, and my favourite books include “Altered Carbon” and “Ready Player One” (book is far better than film). The person he most admires is also the source of a favourite quote by, Richard Feynman the noble-winning physicist, who’s approach to life combined open-minded curiosity and a sense of humour. Two favourite quotes from him are “I’m smart enough to know that I’m dumb.” & “Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn’t matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.”

Werner Peenz, BSc

Lead Developer

Werner is Lead Developer with Agtrix. He solves technical challenges and extends Agtrix software systems to deliver ever increasing capabilities to customers. After graduating with a B.Sc. Electronic Engineering, he veered into software development, Werner’s experience spands over 20 years filling roles at large and small companies across a range of industries in South Africa and Australia commencing with Agtrix over 5 years ago. Werner still finds motivation working on innovative software creating products that make a difference. In his spare time, Werner enjoys being outdoors or chasing a ball with family and friends, either leisurely camping or hiking, or being somewhat competitive at cricket or squash. And metal detecting – it’s like gambling, but (hopefully) finding stuff, not throwing it away! “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Colin Dines, BSc

Logistics Systems Analyst

Based in the UK, Colin is an analyst / developer with 20 years commercial experience in the design, implementation and support of IT systems. Skilled in all parts of the software development process, from business analysis through to post-implementation support within a range of industry sectors – ranging from process manufacturing to supply logistics. Colin demonstrates analytical and problem solving key skills and is always motivated to achieve the best results, with a reputation for going ‘above-and-beyond’ to look for ways to improve systems as well as processes for clients. From the UK base, Colin is often travelling to client locations finalising installations, or providing ongoing support. Colin graduated from Sydney University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree, focusing on a comprehensive Computer Science curriculum covering all available classes in this field. Colin is motivated by the desire to deliver what our clients need in the most seamless way possible. I.T. systems in his experience always include inefficient and incompatible processes; what drives Colin is finding opportunities to streamline and consolidate business functions and share data among systems to deliver seemingly simpler and yet more powerful solutions. Outside of work, Colin enjoys travel and outdoor pursuits such as fishing, camping, and surfing, and trying very hard to pass these same interests onto his children. He enjoys reading historical, science fiction and science non-fiction books – 3 personal favourites are A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking, Permutation City by Greg Egan, and Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds. Colin is a keen science and technology enthusiast and has always enjoyed sharing scientific knowledge with others, relishing the challenge of making difficult concepts understood. As Albert Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, then you don’t understand it yourself”.

Igor (Gary) Kocherga


Gary has worked as Full Stack .Net developer at Agtrix for 10 years, working in the early days on the desktops productions before moving on Web and Mobile development, and who is across the elements of the Agtrix Platform. During his time with Agtrix Gary has participated in professional development courses including the Microsoft Dynamics AX and C# programming certificates. After graduating Bykovinian Medical Academy in Ukraine, with many years working tirelessly in the medical field, Gary decided his passion lay with his hobby of computer programming and started a new career in development, that spanned about 8 years in the Ukraine before deciding on a move to Australia, firstly to Melbourne and then his other passion – the surf – brought him a sea change to the Northern Rivers and to Agtrix. Gary is an active member of the Brunswick Surf Life Saving club, competing at State and National events, as well as surfing and taking motor bikes apart (putting them back together is the problem!). With his remaining time he enjoys fishing (don’t ask, not telling you the best spots!), reading and keeping up on global politics.

Grahame Dines

Logistics Consultant

“Grahame DINES, independent consultant, starts work at the ‘Define’ element of the AGTRIX Matrix, specifically the beginning of a supply chain, in order to fully understand objectives and mechanisms in place to achieve those objectives. His focus is on supply chains that involve perishable products ‘from farm to factory’ involving the integration of the 3 unit operations of a.gathering of perishable crops, b.subsequent transport, embracing the JIT principle, then linking c.factory processing strategies with that” Grahame has been involved with Agtrix since the mid-1990s and was instrumental in the development of several key software solutions including FREDD. Prior to that Grahame started work with CSR as an Industrial Chemist, progressing to Agricultural activities in 1972. At that time his exposure to road transport led to development of the first static computerised traffic plan aiming at maximising efficiencies. The rest is history. Grahame has worked extensively in Africa analysing road transport supply chains and facilitating ‘real time’ simulations leading to workable solutions. Guided by a valued mentor’s quote; ‘There is nothing more frustrating in life than to know the answer, but no-one asks you the question’ Grahame remains passionate about educating people to integrate elements of any supply chain, leading to substantial holistic efficiency gains.

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