The Future

    Agtrix continue to expand Internationally with new and existing clients in the Asia, Europe, England and South Africa.

    In the next 6 to 12 months the following developments are planned:

    • Streamlining crop inventory into supply chain products
    • VISOPS – focus on dashboard, KPI and visualisation

    Condong River Pan

    A Case Study

    2016 Nuffield Scholarship Report – Paul Fishpool. British Sugar Crop Production and Logistics Manager

    … Gaining total visibility of the whole supply chain is critical to improving its efficiency …

    I was keen to visit Agtrix as this Australian company leads the way for sugar logistic management systems in both Australia and Africa, creating sophisticated technological solutions to the agricultural sector worldwide … They are experts in improving supply chain efficiency by creating spatially enabled IT based

    management systems …Harvester small

    • … During visits to both Africa and Australia, systems produced by Agtrix were seen in operation and, as well as planning logistics, these systems integrate the whole supply chain from field through to delivery at the processing mill. This has big potential benefits, as the whole supply chain can be visualised which enables better communication and co-ordination. Most systems available tend to consider each part of the supply chain separately …
    • … When I visited Nchalo sugar mill in Malawi, FREDD had just been implemented and was immediately delivering benefits to the supply chain. These included full visualisation of the supply chain for the first time, a reduction by 12.5% of the vehicles used to haul cane

    with further savings anticipated, reduction in the amount of cane stops, and savings in fuel consumption …

    • … Various other companies also offer similar solutions in Europe but they do not seem to be as integrated as Agtrix’s systems in terms of the whole supply chain - harvesting, cleaning and loading and haulage - which will have the maximum benefit on improving the supply chain …



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