Agtrix visit to the UK

    Managing Director Robert Crossley and Logistics master Grahame Dines spent time in England with British Sugar in January 2015.

    During this time they worked with both their English and Spanish operations to identify a strategy to improve their supply chain.  “The interactions with British Sugar and their Spanish operations (Azucarera) were both constructive and fruitful”, said Robert.  “The people involved were open in terms of the issues they face and really keen to understand how our software is used in both Australia and Africa.  Despite coming down with a dreadful flu and feeling pretty average while I was there, the group was a real pleasure to work with, and I think we were also able to identify opportunities to make a real difference.”

    As a result of this visit, Agtrix will undertake an analysis of their supply chain to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement.  Data from the factories, loading zones and GPS data for lorries and harvesting operations is currently being sourced to enable a very detailed study to identify where hold-ups are occurring and possible solutions


    Agtrix Transport Suite Upgrade

    Agtrix is excited about the upgrade of our Transport and Logistics solution, FREDD.  The upgrade involves a total overhaul of the interface using .NET technology which will result in a fresh and superior user experience for our FREDD clients.  SQL Server database technology is the new foundation as the new platform and will improve data storage and retrieval capabilities for our clients.  We expect to deliver the upgraded version of FREDD during the 2014 season.  


    Sunrice Grower Services reaping the benefits of Agtrix' solutions

    Agtrix and Sunrice Grower Services are simplifying the Rice Check data capture and reporting process in the Riverina region of NSW.  In conjunction with rice growers and Sunrice Grower Services, 800 farms have been mapped using AgDat’s interactive web interface.  Base crop and production data has also been captured by growers.  Sunrice Grower Services has been able to centralise the data capture process in a geospatial system that enables review and analysis by all parties including growers, grower services and government bodies.  


    Agtrix excited to have Mossman Sugar Mill onboard

    Agtrix are excited to have Mossman Sugar Mill on board as a new client in 2014.  In 2013 Mossman Mill doubled their levels of production with the addition of farms from the Tablelands region in northern Queensland.  The increase in levels of production and the complexity of the transport associated with the new farms has resulted in Mossman Mill adopting Agtrix’ entire suit of Transport, Logistics and Farm Mapping solutions.  This will allow Mossman to effectively manage the flow of product from the paddock to the Mill reducing transport fleet costs and lower cut to crush times through the visualisation of their supply chain.   


    Geospatial Mobile Technology at Agtrix

    Ensuring we continue on our path of delivering innovative systems, Agtrix is currently developing and testing tools to meet our mobile technology goals.  The development encompasses two major releases. Already released and first off we have a mobile website that will enable ‘internet’ access to farm data, vehicle locations, consignment events and tags / sensors via a phone and tablet compatible web site. The second key release is a mobile application (App) which is in beta testing.  The App enables all the features of our website as well as the ability to store your data locally whilst out of internet range.  The locally stored data is then automatically uploaded to a central Agdat cloud server when growers or industry professionals return to mobile reception areas. 

    Agtrix’ mobile technologies will simplify the data capture process for our clients and ensure current information is stored and available for reporting and analysis.  


    Agtrix in Malawi, Africa

    In May and June 2014 the Agtrix team will be implementing its entire Transport Suite at the Illovo Sugar Mill in Malawi.  Illovo are adopting Agtrix’ Traffic Scheduler, Loading Zone management, In Yard Management, Crushing Station Integration and real time ETA applications. These solutions will provide Illovo Sugar Mill with a visualisation of their supply chain, and should lead a reduction in their transport fleet and lower cut to crush times.  The Agtrix team are excited to be delivering their Transport Suit which will have long term benefits for the Illovo Sugar Mill.  


    Agtrix working with the Banana Industry

    In February 2014, Agtrix successfully implemented a new online system (AgDat) for the Banana industry.  This was Phase 1 of a project to monitor production practices and to facilitate industry response to biosecurity and natural disaster.   Market representatives and twenty one (21) farms were involved in this initial phase which entailed mapping their farms and paddocks and providing them with a way that they could capture base production data.  Data was recorded by growers and the study team using an interactive web mapping interface.  The second phase of the project is expected to commence in March 2014 and will see the remainder of the Banana industry being incorporated into AgDat.  


    Water quality monitoring in the Burdekin Area

    Agtrix has particpated in a BBIFMAC (Burdekin Bowen Integrated Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Inc) project. Mr Tom McShane, BBIFMAC manager, comments on the usefulness of this project:

    "A Sub Catchment Adaptive Management Approach to Water Quality in Sugarcane".
    In the Burdekin Irrigation area, over the past few years, extensive water quality monitoring has taken place both on-farms, through the three year BBIFMAC managed “Water Quality Pixel” project, and in-stream via several regional water quality monitoring programs conducted by various agencies (ACTFR, DERM, DEEDI).
    In spite of these great initiatives, the farmers themselves are still unsure as to how well the in-stream results reflect what is actually happening on their individual farms and visa versa. They therefore are reluctant to take ownership of any issues as they arise and implement change management to alleviate the issues.
    This project aims to make the direct connection (paddock to stream) by intensively monitoring in real time the runoff at the downstream end of the sub-catchment stream/drain, and tracking any spikes in concentration of nutrients and pesticides, back to the farm and paddocks. The “offending” management practices can then be quickly identified and modified or alternative practices discussed with the farmer.

    Results will be discussed by the sub-catchment group at regular project team meeting and documentation of results and management changes will be reported within the group and to the wider industry.
    Essential to the project success is the following components -:

    • AgDat  database of focus catchment available to all growers;
      • Real time or quick return, flow weighted WQ in-stream monitoring (Agtrix website);
        • Sound understanding of mechanisms of loss from the paddock;
          • Absolute trust, cooperation and communication with the sub-catchment farmers

    SunRice visit in the NSW Riverina

    Robert Crossley, managing director of Agtrix, is visiting Leeton in the Riverina region of NSW, part of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, to view rice growing activities. SunRice is using the AGDAT suite of products during the harvest season. The 2013 season will be the largest harvest since 2002. SunRice is a major Australian company, employing over 1000 people.




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