Agtrix excited to have Mossman Sugar Mill onboard

    Agtrix are excited to have Mossman Sugar Mill on board as a new client in 2014.  In 2013 Mossman Mill doubled their levels of production with the addition of farms from the Tablelands region in northern Queensland.  The increase in levels of production and the complexity of the transport associated with the new farms has resulted in Mossman Mill adopting Agtrix’ entire suit of Transport, Logistics and Farm Mapping solutions.  This will allow Mossman to effectively manage the flow of product from the paddock to the Mill reducing transport fleet costs and lower cut to crush times through the visualisation of their supply chain.   


    Delivery Consignment

    Agtrix can help you develop a responsive, efficient and adaptive supply chain using automated consignment technology AgDat ConNote enables harvesters to notify processors of bins to pick up in real time, using electronic consignment notes.

    The technology:
    • Improves the accuracy of the consignment data
    • Informs productivity analysis
    • Provides base information required for efficient transport dispatch
    • Minimises time lags between harvesting and processing
    • Minimise product losses and maximise product quality.

    When integrated with AgDat Harvest, this consignment technology offers long-term improvements in supply chain management.

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