Audit and Compliance

     Audit and Compliance AgDat makes it easier and cheaper to meet your reporting and compliance requirements by automatically tracking your stock from its point of origin. Our quality assurance system is second-to-none. Using sophisticated data collection systems, you can record all farm activities and inputs once and present the data many times, in different forms, to meet government, industry and customer requirements. AgDat streamlines the reporting process, making it easier for agricultural companies to comply with

    • Certification requirements (eg organic, genetically modified)
    • Food industry standards (eg European Union)
    • Government reporting regulations (eg REEF)
    • Financial/accounting requirements

    Spatial Data RecordingAgDat Data Recording provides a spatial audit trail, identifying everything there is to know about your crop and the parcel of land attached to it. All data relating to a crop and its related area of land is recorded spatially, stored in a central database and retained over time. Unlike most traditional systems, the AgDat spatial database enables data to be accessed for any piece of land, regardless of what crop is grown, who owns the land or how it is managed at the time of data retrieval. The system also allows you to store data for a partial paddock, one numerous paddocks, with a single data entry record. This spatial data repository enables agricultural advisors to record and share information relating to:

    • Surveys
    • Site information, analysis and visits
    • Plant source
    • Planting details
    • Pests
    • Diseases
    • Inputs

    Relevant data can be easily retrieved from a

    • Desktop or laptop computer (AgDat)
    • Touchscreen in farm machinery (AgDat Remote)
    • Web interface (AgDat Web)

    Crop, harvest and delivery information captured by the AgDat Data Recording system can also be retrieved by processors in real time to help trace the source of poor quality stock.

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