ETA Calculator

    Just in time scheduling relies on real-time information about supply chain activities, including expected time of stock delivery. The Agtrix Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Calculator is a web-based system that logs truck locations in real time to accurately predict arrival of stock at the processing plant. The centralised system integrates location data from multiple truck tracking systems to provide an accurate map of vehicle locations. The ETA Calculator

    • Maintains current trip information for each truck
    • Locates each truck on a web-based mapping interface
    • Provides an ETA back to the mill to optimise traffic scheduling.


    Data from the ETA calculator can also be used to provide transport managers with an accurate analysis of driver activities and performance. 


    Harvest Planning

     The key to planning a harvest is understanding:

    • What type of crop will be harvested
    • How much crop will be harvested
    • The distance between a crop and the processing plant
    • When a crop is ready for harvest

    AgDat Mapping is a sophisticated but simple tool that enables relatively untrained field officers to accurately map and record the attributes of every crop, variety and paddock for growers and harvest contractors. It was developed by Agtrix to map crops for harvest, predict yield and provides critical base data to inform harvest planning and management. AgDat Mapping data can be used to:

    • Integrate with satellite interpretation or crop modeling analysis to improve crop estimates
    • Assess the influence of unexpected events like fire or flood on the estimated crop
    • Identify varieties susceptible to disease outbreak.

    AgDat Mapping evolved from customised mapping tools developed for Australia’s sugar industry and currently used by more than 20 mills across the country. It is one element of the integrated AgDat software solution.

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