Just-in-time scheduling

    The Agtrix traffic scheduling system, FREDD, enables continuous supply of agricultural product to a processing plant through improved fleet management. Our ‘just in time’ transport scheduling software aims to cut transport costs by minimising the number of trucks needed to maintain supply. Operating in real time, FREDD enables clients to respond immediately to changes in:

    • Crushing rate
    • Average bin weight
    • Variable road conditions (eg fog, rain, holiday traffic, road works)
    • Truck or plant breakdowns and other delays.

    When combined with Agtrix telemetry in the harvesting fleet, FREDD can tell a processing plant when and where product is ready to pick up, while our ETA Calculator can accurately predict projected supply.


    Real-time Data Exchange

    Agtrix has developed a sophisticated software tool to improve communication between harvesters and processing plants during a harvesting season.


    The new data exchange system, Supply and Harvester Information in Real Time (SHIRT), enables operators to share information about harvester progress, bin supply and processing performance in real time to optimise harvester fleet and bin supply. Stoppages, crushing rates, bin weights and the number of empty bins in transit can easily be monitored to help promote just-in-time harvesting. SHIRT also records the number of bins each crew has cut against their daily quota, as well as the number of bins allocated to a harvester.

    The system is currently being used by cane growers across New South Wales to improve operational and supply chain efficiency.

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