Electronic Consignment

    Agtrix has developed an on-board, touchscreen system enabling harvester operators to automatically update and deliver consignment data to a processing plant.

    SweetNet is an easy, accurate way for harvesters to advise when and where stock is ready for collection. This information can be used to drive the transport scheduling. The on-board computer can be fitted to any farm vehicle, offering tangible benefits for growers, harvesters and processing plants. SweetNet is equipped to:

    • Enable real-time data exchange between growers, harvesters and processing plants to improve harvest quality and transport efficiency
    • Map yield variations
    • Record activities and operations (eg spraying events)
    • Identify local hazards and harvest management restrictions.

    Delivery Consignment

    Agtrix can help you develop a responsive, efficient and adaptive supply chain using automated consignment technology AgDat ConNote enables harvesters to notify processors of bins to pick up in real time, using electronic consignment notes.

    The technology:
    • Improves the accuracy of the consignment data
    • Informs productivity analysis
    • Provides base information required for efficient transport dispatch
    • Minimises time lags between harvesting and processing
    • Minimise product losses and maximise product quality.

    When integrated with AgDat Harvest, this consignment technology offers long-term improvements in supply chain management.

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