Harvest Tracking

    Agtrix has developed the AgDat Interpolator to accurately track and interpret harvester location and activity in the field

    The technology provides processors with valuable information about what areas have been cut, while measuring the effectiveness of each harvest operation.

    The AgDat Interpolator:
    • Receives data from the tracking systems
    • Interprets vehicle activity in real time
    • Analyses areas where harvesters were operating
    • Generates daily reports of harvested areas.
    This information may be integrated with the AgDat Harvest technology to:
    • Mark off the crop that has been harvested
    • Analyse harvester performance
    • Calculate time spent harvesting, turning or dead running in a paddock.

    When used in conjunction with AgDat Harvest and AgDat ConNote,  the Agtrix harvest tracking technology provides a complete and accurate picture of harvest progress and crop performance.


    Delivery Consignment

    Agtrix can help you develop a responsive, efficient and adaptive supply chain using automated consignment technology AgDat ConNote enables harvesters to notify processors of bins to pick up in real time, using electronic consignment notes.

    The technology:
    • Improves the accuracy of the consignment data
    • Informs productivity analysis
    • Provides base information required for efficient transport dispatch
    • Minimises time lags between harvesting and processing
    • Minimise product losses and maximise product quality.

    When integrated with AgDat Harvest, this consignment technology offers long-term improvements in supply chain management.

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