Geospatial Mobile Technology at Agtrix

    Ensuring we continue on our path of delivering innovative systems, Agtrix is currently developing and testing tools to meet our mobile technology goals.  The development encompasses two major releases. Already released and first off we have a mobile website that will enable ‘internet’ access to farm data, vehicle locations, consignment events and tags / sensors via a phone and tablet compatible web site. The second key release is a mobile application (App) which is in beta testing.  The App enables all the features of our website as well as the ability to store your data locally whilst out of internet range.  The locally stored data is then automatically uploaded to a central Agdat cloud server when growers or industry professionals return to mobile reception areas. 

    Agtrix’ mobile technologies will simplify the data capture process for our clients and ensure current information is stored and available for reporting and analysis.  

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