Occupational & Environmental Safety

    globe-011Agtrix has developed innovative software to minimise workplace injuries and manage environmentally sensitive zones.

    Originally developed for the forestry sector, ForestTracks uses an on-board, touch-screen computer to warn harvest operators of approaching workplace hazards such as low overhead power lines, deep drains or steep slopes. It also identifies areas that must be avoided or managed sensitively during harvest, such as timber exclusion zones or crops that cannot be sprayed. Advice and warnings are issued according to vehicle location, backed by information stored in a local database.

    Hazards and sensitive areas are identified before the harvest, as part of the harvest plan, in a Geographic Information System (GIS). They can also be recorded by the harvest operator on site. Data is updated automatically through mobile networks. 


    Harvest Analysis

    AgDat Analysis is spatially enabled software that enables you to understand the impacts of soil, climate and topography on the quantity and quality of your crops. All data is assigned to a geographical area and maintained over time, ensuring you can retrieve all data relevant to a piece of land on any given day or period, irrespective of who owned the land in the past, what it was called or how the paddocks were arranged.

    This data is integrated with spatially recorded inputs such as chemicals, equipment, feed, seed, and energy to produce an accurate picture of the factors influencing the performance of your crops. AgDat Analysis enables you to analyse the influence of land factors such as soils, slopes or climatic variables through standard Geographic Information System (GIS) functions. It is an essential tool for reviewing and improving productivity.

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