Occupational & Environmental Safety

    globe-011Agtrix has developed innovative software to minimise workplace injuries and manage environmentally sensitive zones.

    Originally developed for the forestry sector, ForestTracks uses an on-board, touch-screen computer to warn harvest operators of approaching workplace hazards such as low overhead power lines, deep drains or steep slopes. It also identifies areas that must be avoided or managed sensitively during harvest, such as timber exclusion zones or crops that cannot be sprayed. Advice and warnings are issued according to vehicle location, backed by information stored in a local database.

    Hazards and sensitive areas are identified before the harvest, as part of the harvest plan, in a Geographic Information System (GIS). They can also be recorded by the harvest operator on site. Data is updated automatically through mobile networks. 


    Products and Services

    Agtrix provides customised products and services to optimise agricultural supply chain efficiency and improve harvest planning and management. Our spatially enabled software solutions include the following products:

    • AgDat: An integrated system to capture base data about farms, paddocks and crops; manage harvesting; record inputs, tests surveys and recommendations.
      • AgDat Remote: Automatically records all activity from a tractor using an on-board interface.
      • AgDat Interpolator: Calculates time spent harvesting, turning or dead running in a paddock using data collected with AgDat Remote.

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    • FREDD: Real-time transport scheduling system that optimises transport efficiency and minimises processing plant stops associated with poor product supply.
    • ETA Calculator: Used in conjunction with the FREDD traffic scheduling system to calculate the ETA of product in transit and optimise transport efficiency.
    • SweetNet: Enables harvester operators to automatically update and deliver consignment data to a processing plant using an on-board, touch-screen computer. This information can be used to drive the transport scheduling.

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    • SHIRT: Enables operators to share information about harvester progress, bin supply and processing performance in real time to optimise harvester fleet and bin supply. Facilitates real-time communication between harvesters and processors to ensure improved supply chain management.
    • Forest Tracks: Warns harvest operators of approaching workplace hazards (eg overhead power lines, deep drains, steep slopes) as well as harvest exclusion zones, using an on-board computer.

    We provide installation, configuration, training and support to ensure you get the best outcomes from each product. Contact Agtrix for more information about our products and services. Training & Support Agtrix technology can be used for core business functions such as base mapping through to complex tasks including supply chain management. We customise our solutions to suit your business needs, ensuring you get exceptional return on investment. Agtrix provides in-house training, as well as mentoring for key personnel, to ensure your staff are appropriately skilled to get the most out of our sophisticated software solutions. We install and configure software, provide an online help desk for all products and offer 24 7 support for mission-critical software problems. Clients can purchase individual products from the suite of Agtrix technology solutions, or bundle relevant products and services in a Service Level Agreement to minimise up-front costs. We deliver exceptional customer service so you can focus on better business outcomes.

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