New Integrated GPS/Modem/Data loggers – lower cost, lower complexity

    We’re constantly looking for new innovative solutions that reduce cost and complexity for our clients, and improve the reliability of our technologies. We are pleased to announce a new integrated single device incorporating GPS locator, a NextG Modem and a data logger in a small form rugged enclosure.
    The capital cost of the logger hardware has been an issue in the past, but the new loggers change that. These 380i units are available for an incredibly low $400 each, including 3G aerial and GPS, but excluding configuration and data processing costs.
    They are easy to install and are compatible with all of our logistics solutions. Once installed you can locate, track and report on remote machinery, farm equipment, trucks and other machinery in real time, at any time.
    The logger allows you to record location and up to 5 digital and 2 analogue inputs, which can be connected via sensors to monitor machine operations. You can used these to collect data on harvester or truck productivity. For example, with a simple 2 digital input installation, we can give you reports and maps showing turning time or elevator off/on times to analyse how your long harvesters operated in each field, when they started and what the operating versus running times were like. We can use the same data to feed our GIS systems to record harvest progress or where mill mud was delivered.
    Several mills have ordered the loggers for the 2013 harvest season.
    If your considering implementing harvester or truck tracking in any form you will probably benefit from giving us a call, or sending us an email, and requesting further information about our new 380i data logger, and tracking/recording solutions.

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