SunRice using AGDAT

    Agtrix has commenced work with SunRice, Australia’s primary exporter of rice and one of the largest rice food companies in the world. Agtrix will provide AgDat to enable SunRice’s growers to record the details of the rice crop planted through a web mapping interface. Their growers will use this system to input information about the rice crops they grow to supply SunRice with the raw material for the company’s food processing and marketing business.

    The data recording system is planned to go live by mid-December, 2012.

    The data collected in this phase will provide the base for capturing their entire crop in a Geographic information System (GIS), and will be used by the SunRice Grower Services to improve their understanding of the crop to be harvested and delivery of their extension services.

    The system is expected to grow and is already envisaged to provide better data management for their fertiliser recommendation services, and to comply with the regulatory requirements involved in rice production in Australia.

    Agtrix envisages being able to transfer some of its logistics expertise to improving the efficiencies of grain receivals and transport for processing.

    SunRice was built by the Australian rice industry over many decades, and has a turnover of over $1 billion. The company employs over 1000 highly skilled and qualified people in Australia and an additional 1100 overseas.
    This year SunRice’s harvest of more than 900,000 tonnes will feed at least 23 million people around the world every day, for the next year.
    The project has cooperative agreements with the various irrigation Authorities in the region and the NSW Department of Primary industries.

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