Congratulations to Adam Hansen

    Congrats again to Adam Hansen for his 3rd place in the 18thStage of the Tour of Spain (La Vuelta a España).

    Looks like he will again complete all 3 grand tours in one year for the second year in a row.  He was the only Australian to have ever achieved this momentous task last year, and the 39th rider of all time.  Only 3 other riders have ever achieved this two years in a row, and only 4 have completed all 3 tours in a year in their careers.

    Adam started with Trinity Software in Cairns (a previous company name for Agtrix) straight after high school as a trainee programmer in 2000, but bravely decided that he would prefer to try his luck as a cyclist in Austria with an Amateur team. The win was his greatest result in his career, although last year be became the only Australian to have ever completed the 3 grand tours (Italy, France and Spain) in one year, These two achievements will stand him as ranks of Australia’s most successful professional cyclists ever. We wish him good luck and a safe journey for the remainder of the season.


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